I have found this week of college interesting, I like my group everyone is really friendly. The facilities of the college are modern especially the equipment, I love using the Apple Mac’s they are so efficient and easier to use than a normal PC. My tutors are approachable and I prefer the college environment much more to being at school. Overall the experience at college has been positive so far, although some parts have been slightly chaotic, for example after enrolling our student ID cards do not work when they are scanned for our register and there are mistakes on our timetable so this made it harder to work out where we were supposed to be which in resulted in arriving late for our lessons. I have enjoyed the practical sessions that we have had so far, including making photograms. I like going back to basics with photography and starting off with developing images in the dark room. The digital sessions have also been interesting as we have started to use Photoshop which is one of the best tools to use when manipulating digital imagery. However, it will take a while to know exactly how every tool works. I found the contextual studies lesson good because we looked more closely into certain photographs and spoke more in depth about them, which makes you appreciate what you are looking at. Being in the library I enjoyed because it made us use different sources to find information instead of the internet. I learnt that you can find just as much useful information if not more from using books and magazine specialising in photography e.g. Aperture. I enjoyed researching photographers for example Sally Mann and looking more closely at her work (Immediate Family). I think I am going to really enjoy the next two years as I love photography and can’t wait to get stuck in to the practical!