Sally Mann

Vile bodies was interesting to watch as it showed Sally Mann’s photography for what it really is and not how critics interpret her work. I really like her photographs as her children are her inspiration, she tries to capture moments that are normality to her four children. For example, hanging off a hook is a innocent act of them having fun as little kids do, but then people can really twist the interpretation of these photos by looking more deeply into them than what they actually were. Sally Mann has showed her children in very different lights, as some are very natural and child like. But some others show her children in a very mature almost provocative way for example the photo of both her little girls dressed up like women with Jessie holding a cigarette in her mouth.  Now this picture is just the two girls dressing up as little girls with a candy stick in her mouth which looks like a cigarette, but this could be interpreted in a very different way as the pose she has and her face expression captures something that doesn’t look as innocent as it was intended. Vile bodies showed how this had affected the children as the media tried to make out that Sally Mann was a bad mother for making her children the main focus of her work. But her aim was just to capture her children showing what every child is like. The reason why I think the media slated Sally Mann for her work was because she photographed her children most of the time in the nude which could be misinterpreted as being seen in a wrong way, even though where they lived was boiling hot and the norm for them was just to be in the nude running around, which for little children is totally natural. Sally Mann’s work was slated by the press for being too explicit when she photographed her own children; this even affected her children as the press had twisted the meaning of her photographs to turn them into something crude when really they were innocent. After all the bad publicity Sally Mann, then realized her children were getting too old to be photographed so she moved on to still landscape photography instead, her children were very offended at this as they had always been her inspiration and models since they had been born so when she suddenly didn’t want them to model for her anymore they weren’t quite sure how to take it. This proves that Sally’s children wanted their mum to photograph them and she didn’t show them in an explicit light as this was just natural to them.