The image that I vividly remember from last year’s contextual studies was the image Jessie Bites by Sally Mann, her main inspiration for her photography are her three children, Jessie Bites was published in Mann’s book called ‘Immediate Family’ containing a collection of images documenting her children in their every day life. The images are beautiful individually and as a whole, they tell a story and you can see from the way Mann has captured her three children that they are her everything, this is what makes her photos even more beautiful as you can feel the emotion behind each image. Also the quality of the black and white film prints are stunning which makes Sally Mann one of my favourite photographer’s, this love for her work started when I first saw the image Jessie Bites which is why it is so memorable for me.

Jessie Bites – Sally Mann.

The first image that I have linked to Jessie Bites is an image called ‘Bruno and his tattoo’ photographed by Nan Goldin. Goldin’s photography is also documentary as well as fashion, however I found this image whilst browsing through Goldin’s book The Devil’s Playground, which features many photos of her documenting her friends and family living their life, these personal images capture intimate moments between people however they are photographed in a grunge like style, meaning Goldin’s work isn’t so stereotypically beautiful and prestige like Mann’s yet they follow the same genre style of photography being Documentary. I linked this image to Jessie Bites because both images are of young children with that vacant, moody yet mysterious look in their eyes, I love this similar look on both children’s faces as it reflects kid’s typical behaviour of being up to no good or being inquisitive and then hurting themselves in the process. Also like the bite mark on the little boy’s arm in Jessie Bites, Bruno also has a tattoo and a graze on his arm in Goldin’s photo which is also a link. Another link is that their body language is similar to each other’s as they are both holding themselves, Jessie’s hand resting on her chest and Bruno holding his own arm huddled up which makes me relate to both these children just being kids, as Jessie is showing affection to her brother yet she has bitten him which is typical sibling behaviour and Bruno has been off exploring and then hurt his arm, which again is children playing outside and ending up hurting themselves so this then links again as they have a similar subject matter.

Bruno with his tattoo – Nan Goldin

The second image that I have linked with both of these images is ‘Fallen Child’ by Sally Mann from Immediate Family, which is of her youngest daughter lying naked on the grass, this photo is so beautiful as her pretty curly hair has naturally fallen all around her hair making her look serine, the way in which she is lying and also her face expression with her eyes softly closed makes her at peace, giving the image a tranquil aurora. I linked this image with the other two because it was again of a similar subject of young children but also it was a direct match to Jessie Bites, as it was taken by the same photographer Sally Mann so this then means it links again following the same genre of documentary photography but also it’s captured in the same style, being a beautiful black and white print.

Fallen Child – Sally Mann

The third image I chose to link with the other three images was an image photographed by Albert Watson called Kate Moss II. I loved this image the moment I saw it, as it was the image used as the front cover on Watson’s book. It is such a nature beautiful image, again it is black and white linking with the two Sally Mann images. Kate Moss is nude in this photo but it’s showing the curvature of her body from behind similar to the Fallen Child image, as they are both showing the naked body from behind although they are taken from different angles in different positions. This image and the Bruno with the tattoo image also link as Nan Goldin and Albert Watson are both known for their fashion photography although both photographs I have chosen aren’t typically staged fashion photographs they are natural and subtle which is why they both appealed to me.

Kate Moss II, Marrakech – Albert Watson