1. In the dark or changing bag load film into double dark slides
  2. Fix the camera body to the tripod
  3. Do not attempt to continue without the camera being on the tripod
  4. Open up the camera so the lens hole is at the front
  5. None of the nuts on the camera need to be completely undone
  6. Ensure the front and rear of the camera are in line and are level
  7. Check the red dots are lined up (N.A. of the Sinar)
  8. Ensure bellows are attached at the front and rear of the camera
  9. Attach the lens and open the aperture
  10. Move the lens so that it is approximately in focus
  11. Use the dark cloth and the louper to fine focus the camera
  12. Take light reading with light meter
  13. Set shutter speed and aperture on the camera
  14. Attach cable release
  15. Close the aperture
  16. Do not continue if the aperture is still open
  17. Load film back into the camera or load polaroid back
  18. Pull out dark slide and turn over, then push back in 1cm
  19. Press cable release to capture an image
  20. Push dark slide back into holder and remove from camera
  21. Return to college process the film and print