Typology is the organ of propaganda

Photography offered clarity, reality and order to the people in the 1920’s.

Karl Blossfeldt photographed plant forms in a very interesting way, it was a desire to document.

Typology is subjectivity

Donovan Wylie when photographing has to focus at the exact eye level, straight on in the same style very ‘systematic’

Typology – ‘facts and nothing else’

Water towers Bernd and Hilla Becher, photographed in the same way but very different images, very same pattern and flat natural lighting no sunshine just overcast to give all the photos the same tone if the sky. This is described us ‘clearer without emotion’.

August Sander

Sander was described as ‘The Face of the Times’  and that he was an obsessive collector, his work focused on differences between every body human typology for example – Farmers, Young Farmers, Farmers Children and Wife, Working Life, Head Farmer etc. His work was described as having  ‘an oddball quirkness’

Modernism – The Machine Age Post World War One described as the chaotic journey of the 1920’s there were many issues in this time for example major unemployment and political violence in the streets.

Typology photography is classed as RECORDING NOT THINKING.

The Russian Revolution 1917

Leica cameras came out and were described as ‘revolutionary’

Rodchenko wasn’t a ‘belly button’ stereotypical photographer he experimented with angles for to create unique images.

Photography changed at this point as people would actually be taking the photos, using their ‘creative eye’. Freedom to view/shoot differently in the new age.

The modernist – A new future

Eugene Atget

‘documents for artists’ this enabled photographers to make more personal documents

Atget’s work was described as ‘not ordinary’ and that he was a ‘poet’ with the composition of photographers.

This modern new age then led to Surrealism Photography in the late 1920’s

Man Ray

Ray’s work was described as ‘perfect for the moment’ and ‘robotic’  experimenting with light creating photograms and then solarization to give a metal look to people almost viewing them as ‘super power’

Dust Breeding

Walker Evans

Evans created the perfect portrait

Evans was described as ‘the master of composition going to make life better for everyone’

Documentary = TRUTH?

Documentary = a style of photography?

Documentary = apparent truth?

The new age was then corrupted by politics it was a fragile paradise. Utophia.