Dreamweaver Introduction – Week One


Steps to setting up a website in Dream Weaver

  1. File new – New document Window
  2. Site centre window, name your website ‘My first Site’
  3. Home sites
  4. Make a new folder in Sites ‘first_website’ (ALWAYS USE A UNDERSCORE INSTEAD OF A SPACE)
  5. Advanced settings –Local Info make a new folder in first website folder, name it ‘Images’ this is where all your images for your website will be saved.
  6. YOU HAVE CREATED YOUR FIRST WEBSITE (everything that you create will be saved in this folder that you have created)


HTML. (Hyper Text Mark-up Language)


All our websites that are made should be working in HTML 5, doc type – this is the latest version.

Make sure that you work in SPLIT VIEW in Dreamweaver this allows you to see your website but also the coding.


TAGS – websites work by using codes and tags this tags are essential.


Open Tag <body>

Closing Tag </body> (if you see a ‘/’ in a tag this will mean it is always a closing tag)


Paragraph tag: open tag  <p>  closing tag </p>


If you want to format a heading select Heading 1 it then replaces with <h1>


Always view Dreamweaver in Designer – insert- double click then select Image and this then allows you to insert an image on your website.